Success stories

 1. How did you come across ASPIRE?

 I have known Gavin and Jr for some years, I went to forest hill boys school also I used to play football in the summer with them and the boys that they used to train,
 And then they both asked me to play for them beckenham town fc

 2. Tell us about your playing career before ASPIRE?

 I played school, district, county football and for crystal palace and west ham school of excellence teams.

3. How did ASPIRE help you?

 After secondary school I went on to gillingham fc  for a year or so I really feel out of love with football and found dealing with some people at the club hard.
 Gavin and Jr helped me find the love for football again and made me understand some things in football that most people do not always see also on the footballing side they coached some really good habits to have in the game into me and some bad out that ended up in them helping me earn my first pro contract back at gillingham at 26 years old

 4. Where are you playing now?

 I am currently playing for Lincoln city fc

 5. What do you do outside football?

 I spend a lot of time with friends and family, I listen to a lot of music,
 And make sure I keep fit outside of football too as it helps if you put in the extra work

 6. What advice would you give a young player?

 Never dwell on mistakes made in a match
 Always work hard on and off the pitch and
 Always try to find a way to enjoy your football as it will get hard and you have to keep in your head and heart why you love football because the few years I spent out of football made me realise how important and how much I love football and wish I never let them footballing years pass.