A.S.P.I.R.E (Academic and Sporting Inspired Routes to Excellence) is a football and education programme for 16 -18 year old males. The programme was set up in July 2002 to enable young people to pursue their dream of playing professional football whilst also enjoying the advantages of furthering their education whether that is in a vocational or academic capacity.

It has always been our belief that professional clubs miss out on a lot of home grown talent, particularly in the 16-18 age groups.

There are two reasons for this. It is between these ages that many young players begin to encounter other distractions, some of which can lead young people into criminal activity and other social deviance, and secondly professional clubs tend not to concentrate much of their replica watches recruitment resources on these ages. The theory being “If you not at a club by now then you’re really not good enough”. It was taking these factors into account that we decided to investigate the idea of evolving non- league Dulwich Hamlet’s youth infrastructure by formulating a programme specifically aimed at 16-18 year old boys. The A.S.P.I.R.E programme would serve as launch pad for rolex replica talented individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds whom have ambitions to have a career in professional football. Whilst also ensuring that, they� benefit from the stipulation, that every participant undertakes a full-time academic or vocational course.

Our participants comprise of 1st (16-17) and 2nd (17-18) years there are 28 members of the squad. At the conclusion of their second year our aim is that the participants either progress into a higher learning institute, a career orientated work placement, or a possible career within professional football.

All boys undertake their study requirements hublot replica  through our selected sixth form and are able to access both A-level and vocational courses providing they have met the specified grade requirements. They follow a full academic timetable which is run in tandem with a number of sixth form facilitated enrichment activities.

Training sessions are conducted on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays and we fulfil fixtures in the Football Conference Youth Alliance, the Kent Youth League, and the FA Youth Cup.

All training and match preparation undertaken is in accordance with UEFA football development stipulations.

*Over the last 9 years the programme has reached out to over 200 young men.

*In excess of 90% of our participants have achieved an A-C or Pass grade in their chosen courses.

*21 participants have gained contracts with professional clubs.

*90 participants have gained contracts at Non-League clubs.

*58% of participants have gone on to undertake degree courses at Higher Learning Institutes.